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A K Coolcare is India's leading air conditioning company with last 3 years of experience in providing expert cooling solutions. Fulfilling the needs of a large number of corporate and commercial customers, A K Coolcare has established leadership in almost all the segments in which it operates.

We understand your business like no other and provide solutions that cater to all your needs. All the products are tailored to your specific requirements, backed by one of India's widest after sales service networks.

Uniform cooling of commercial spaces is not an easy task, especially when it is a sprawling commercial complex or a shopping mall. To ensure a certain level of comfort for the customers, uniform cooling of such huge establishments is essential.
Malls, for example, need special attention, so that customers can enjoy their shopping experience in the comfort and luxury of a cool environment. However, owners of such large spaces often face a number of conventional problems when it comes to air conditioning.

Ease of Access split Air Conditioning

A split AC's centralized outdoor system gives technicians ease of access when maintenance is required, which can cut down on time and cost. It also allows homeowners easier access for troubleshooting problems or performing maintenance on their system.

Energy Efficient

In addition to the space efficiency, cost efficiency and ease of access that comes with a centralized AC unit, split AC units can also be energy efficient. Many split units are available as energy saving models that can help cut down on your everyday heating costs. Because the split AC contains all the unit's components when it leaves the factory, these units are fully charged and ready to go. Factory settings also help with the unit's efficiency.


Split AC units can often be readily compatible with air purifiers, ventilators, humidifiers, and other components that help improve your indoor air quality easily and efficiently.

Expansion Capabilities

Finally, split AC units are easier to expand than other systems because of their central location. This makes them easier and more efficient to adjust which makes them attractive to commercial businesses that may need to expand down the road as their operation grows. Whether it's for your home or business, Split AC units definitely hold some high advantages when it comes to keeping you comfortable in the most efficient way possible. Contact A K Coolcare to talk about your cooling options and choose a unit that is right for you, or schedule maintenance for your AC. You can also visit our A K Coolcare to know more about repairing your system, staying efficient, and keeping your air comfortable.

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