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We offer emergency and routine AC repair to the residents of area and commercials area. Fast, efficient, and always with the highest quality service , depend on us to fix your air conditioner any time of the day, any time of the year.

Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

Ductable Split Units are designed to be the most intelligent and Compact systems, to cater to the total cooling requirements. Application include offices, banks, departmental stores, entertainment centers, multiplexes, restaurant, fast food centers, residences, computer rooms, telephone exchanges, hospitals, auditoriums, conference halls, theatres, factories, control rooms. These units repair services are available in Air-cooled. A K Coolcare air conditioning offers whole-house or large-commercial-space cooling, and often offers moderate multi-zone temperature control capability by the addition of air-louver-control boxes. We provide complete services from installation to its maintenance.

Ductable & Package Air Conditioner Repair

The most common outcome of non maintenance of an air conditioning unit is a system failure but no worries, we are here to serve you with our team of experienced technician who can take care of your units with best repair solutions diagnosed. We assure you to avail the best priced service with quality parts, there is no compromise in the quality with terms to Service and also spares provided. Kindly feel free to get back to us for any query you have and we would be really happy to serve you!

Benefits of

When it comes to heating or cooling your place of business or residence, you've got options. For instance, is a packaged or ductable AC system best for you? AC units are just as they sound: all components of the AC unit are packaged together into a single location within the home or commercial business, most often on the roof or ground outside the building. In contrast, ductable system AC unit components are in more than one location, one part being outside and the other inside. The all-in-one convenience of a packaged AC system makes it a popular choice for both commercial and residential needs, but what exactly are the benefits of going with the packaged AC over the ductable system option?

Space Saving: Packaged AC units are ideal for homes or offices where there is limited indoor space; where the inside component of the split system option is not needed, thus saving on square footage. It can be common for construction plans to support packaged central AC units because they save so much space within the home and their simplicity is desirable.

Cost Efficient: Because all components of the AC are packaged together for this option, it can cost less to install. It is generally less labor-intensive to install a Ductable&packaged AC. Also, since this unit contains all its components in one place, it eliminates the need to purchase compatible parts that have to work with both areas of a Ductable system AC whenever maintenance is required.

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